vLabs and Strategic Initiatives

From Steve Athanas, IT, Director of Platforms & Systems Engineering | 22 July 2015

The vLabs upgrade was a success on 7/21, this upgrade will provide a better experience for students especially when using inexpensive Chromebooks.

We continue to develop a high-performance vLabs: Workstation program in concert with the College of Engineering and expect it to be completed during fall semester.

For detailed information regarding vLabs applications, visit the IT website.  As of today, vLabs offers more than 35 custom applications!

– We continue to roll out the KACE and Casper systems and patch management suites to help protect personal and University data, as well as assist support technicians with timely resolution to requests.

– In an effort to improve the uptime of our systems, we’re working in concert with the President’s office to co-locate critical services in Shrewsbury so environmental issues in the aging Olsen building are no longer a risk to the University’s operation.