Faculty Sandbox Update

Provided by Mike Lucas, IT, Director, Instructional Technology Support | July 22, 2015beach_pail_shovel

We are moving forward with the Faculty Sandbox to provide a space on campus where faculty can test and explore academic technology which will be staffed by IT employees.

Details for the sandbox:
Anticipated completion date is September 15, 2015
Location: O’Leary Library, Room 325 (now accessible from O’Leary elevators)
The following technology will be available:
– Standard Teaching Podium for training and recording
– Two high-end multimedia computers (MAC & PC) with high end audio recording capabilities
Lightboard presentation system (high tech whiteboard recording)
SMART kapp interactive whiteboard (low tech sharing between devices)
– Keycard access for all UMass Lowell faculty
– Location will be available for small group training sessions

New Faculty Classroom Technology Orientation and Teaching Toolkit

Provided by Donna Mellen  |  July 28, 2015

Are you a new faculty member or have you recently hired new faculty in your department or college?  We are providing two events to welcome new faculty and help them “start the year off right” in just a few hours.  New faculty are welcome to attend either event scheduled on:

  • August 25 from 10am – 1:30pm in HSS, Room 140 (south campus)
  • August 31 from 1pm – 4:30pm in Kitson, Room 309 (north campus)

This event is sponsored by the Faculty Development Committee and the Office of the Provost.  The agenda for both events is identical and includes:

This event is designed for all new faculty (tenure track, lecturers, clinical, visiting, adjunct) and is open to faculty who were new to the university in fall or spring 2015.

Please RSVP as soon as possible to Facultyworkshops@uml.edu or call 978-934-2925 if you have questions.  We are looking forward to meeting new faculty!

Faculty Development Workshops: Summer 2015

Provided by Donna Mellen | July 28, 2015

June workshops have completed and we are planning for a new session from August 11 – 26.  Register today!

Many workshops are available:

  • What Do I Do with All These Videos? with R. Tyndall
  • Service-Learning Attribute Application:  Hands-on help for faculty with P. Procter, V. Farzner, L. Barrington
  • Camtasia Basics:  Using Camtasia to Professionally Record and Edit Recordings – Plus More! with R. Tyndall
  • Using Turnitin to Encourage Best Practices for Student Writing with D. Arcus, C. Mandell, M. Wishart
  • Let Students View Your Presentations LIVE in Class:  Connect with Your Students with R. Tyndall
  • Web Conferencing – Meet, Collaborate and More from Your Desktop, Classroom, or Mobile Device with R. Tyndall
  • Making Your Own Tutorials:  Many Ways to Do It Very Quickly & Simply with R. Tyndall
  • Using Clickers to Engage Your Students with J. Horta, M. Wishart
  • Integrating the Turning Point Building Block with Your Blackboard Course with J. Horta
  • Using Video Capture to Enhance Your Students’ Academic Experience – Intro to Echo360 with R. Tyndall
  • Advanced Lecture Capture:  Video Editing to Improve Student Learning with R. Tyndall
  • Blackboard Grade Center Workshop with Lisa Panagopoulos provided by The Division of Online and Continuing Education.  This workshop is online, register at the Division of Online and Continuing Education.

We look forward to a great summer session!

Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center (MGHPCC) and UMass Lowell

Provided by Nancy Fowler, IT, Senior Program Mgr. | July 22, 2105h_12-5839-MGHPCC-004

We hosted two general discussion sessions on the Lowell campus during the month of July which were open to all faculty. These sessions included a general overview of what MGHPCC is and the resources it can provide to our researchers. In total we had 26 researchers and students participate. Ralph Zottola, Chief Technology Officer, UMass Presidents Office, presented the information and facilitated these discussions.

The Lowell campus is hosting a more technical hands-on session regarding “How to use MGHPCC” on August 19 at 1pm in Olsen Hall, Room 314. Alan Ritacco, UMass Medical Information Technology, and Ralph Zotolla, CTO, UMass Presidents Office, will be presenting during this session. If you are interested in attending, please email Diana_Locey@uml.edu.

vLabs and Strategic Initiatives

From Steve Athanas, IT, Director of Platforms & Systems Engineering | 22 July 2015

The vLabs upgrade was a success on 7/21, this upgrade will provide a better experience for students especially when using inexpensive Chromebooks.

We continue to develop a high-performance vLabs: Workstation program in concert with the College of Engineering and expect it to be completed during fall semester.

For detailed information regarding vLabs applications, visit the IT website.  As of today, vLabs offers more than 35 custom applications!

– We continue to roll out the KACE and Casper systems and patch management suites to help protect personal and University data, as well as assist support technicians with timely resolution to requests.

– In an effort to improve the uptime of our systems, we’re working in concert with the President’s office to co-locate critical services in Shrewsbury so environmental issues in the aging Olsen building are no longer a risk to the University’s operation.

Get Connected

Provided by Steve Hall, IT, Director, Network & Voice Services | 22 July 2015

– The uml-admin wireless network is going away on August 1, being replaced by eduroamThere is tremendous benefit to faculty who may be traveling to other participating universities and to visitors coming to UMass Lowell from those universities.

– We have replaced older wireless network equipment and added new equipment to improve wireless service and speed in many locations around campus. Locations include Alumni, Ball, Costello, Cumnock, Falmouth, Kitson, Lydon, O’Leary, Olney, Olsen, Pasteur, Perry, Pinanski, Southwick, Fox, ICC , Donahue, Sheehy, Rec Center, and off-campus leased apartments. Students can expect improved wireless access and speeds in these locations and we are continuing to upgrade the wireless network throughout the campus during the 2015/2016 school year.

– We continue to roll out new network equipment throughout the campus which will improve reliability and performance.

– The Exchange Unified Messaging system delivers voicemail messages to your Exchange email inbox and provides additional capabilities like interacting with email messages from your phone. If you are interested in this system, please contact the IT Service Desk.

Cybersecurity Challenges

Provided by Jim Packard, IT, ACIO & ISO | 22 July 2015

Information Technology will be enhancing all information security protocols, standards, and policies.

This includes, but is not limited to:
– Mobile device security
– Personally Identifiable Information (PII) discovery
– Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and data classification
– Two factor authentication (2FA)
– Acceptable use of computers and technology resources
– Academic and administrative use of cloud storage
– Computer/server security standards

For additional details, visit IT Security.