After Audi, we headed to Heidelberg, Germany for the┬árest of the day. Once we arrived we had some free time for lunch. We visited a traditional restaurant near the main square, don’t remember the name, but the food was excellent! The town has a very traditional and classic feel; its beautiful. Afterwards we had a walking tour of the city. Our guide was great and explained the history about the town very well.

The castle up top was a beautiful piece of architecture. There was plenty to admire once you enter garden square. The craziest part was the wine cellar this castle holds the largest wine barrel in the world. Apparently they used to send

kids tied to a rope in through the cork hole to clean the barrel, but within a few minutes they would pass out from the strong fumes, then they would just drag them out and send the next one in.

There isn’t much else to discuss you just need to see it. Keep an eye for a album I will link as I reach the end of the blog with many more pictures; I couldn’t possibly fit them all here. If you plan on visiting, I don’t think you need more than a day here. We were satisfied with the time we had in the city and didn’t feel like we missed out on seeing anything.