Students working on Technology Commercialization Projects

UML and BVB students were assigned technology commercialization projects. They worked several afternoons on these projects. There were 7 projects dealing with assistive technologies (capstone projects from UML and BVB), water purification device and home automation. Students used Business Model canvass to evaluate these projects. They made their final presentations on our last day.

IMG_0669 IMG_0667 IMG_0665

Late arrival students were put to work as soon as they got off their plane!IMG_0655

using business model canvass; students really learned a lot from its us

IMG_0654 IMG_0652

students explaining their projects to Jayshree Deshpand and Raj Meliville

IMG_0651 IMG_0650

Students visited several Start-ups

Students had a great opportunity to visit a few start-ups located in incubators at BVB College.There are 17 start-ups in the incubators and plans are to have 30 such companies. The College provides facility and technical support to these start-ups. Some of these  entrepreneurs came to our class and spoke about their ventures and experiences

IMG_0705 IMG_0718 IMG_0717 IMG_0715 IMG_0714 IMG_0713 IMG_0708 IMG_0707

Entrepreneurs Guest speakers

Several guest speakers came to our class and talked about their entrepreneurial ventures and experiences. A few of these entrepreneurs have their ventures at BVB College’s incubation facilities


Guarav is a young entrepreneur who has founded Seven Beans, a new experience in coffee!


Vivek is a founder of Sankalp, analog &mixed signal services company


Raj Meliville, executive director of Deshpande foundation, talking to students about a number of entrepreneurial ventures and his experiencesIMG_0639

Vinay a co-founder of a biologic company


Balbir speaking to students about hs solar power company

Driving in Mumbai

The sights and sounds of India have been very interesting! One of the most immediate and most noticeable sounds of Mumbai is that of car horns. A steady stream of what seems like endless honking occurs at every intersection. There seems to be little regard for traffic lanes as there are very few painted on the road. In many cases intersecting traffic will continue moving forward until the law of gross tonnage prevails! Additionally, the roads are packed with buses, taxis, private cars, motorized rickshaws, people and dogs (there’s an occasional cow walking down the street too!) All this congestion certainly makes for a major safety concern!

We were able to take a little tour on the way to the airport to catch our domestic flight. This was a great opportunity to see the city during the day. Our nickel tour gave us a look at daily life in the city neighborhoods. The roads are lined with small shops and often have residences in the stories above them. In some neighborhoods these residences were shanty homes stacked on top of one another.

Sarah and I were keeping our eyes out for hospitals and clinics; we were impressed with how many we passed! For the most past they were scattered around the city, however, there was one area that had several specialty medicine offices and hospitals on one street. It would have been very interesting to tour inside so we could compare India city clinics to our local clinics at home.

Today we are headed to a hospital an hour and a half away! More to come on that upon our return….

We have arrived at Hubli! January 5, 2014

BVB College students greeted with garlands!

BVB College students greeted with garlands!

William Guidry is getting a tikka and enjoying it!

Hubli arrival2  Nitin Kulkarni (BVB Faculty) welcoming Brian Wholly


Hubli arrival3  Raj Meliville from Deshpande Foundation greeted at the Hubli airport

Hubli arrival4  Jenna Connolly is so excited to arrive at Hubli airport!

Hubli arrival6Ashwin Mehta (UMass Lowell Faculty) talking to one of BVB students who greeted us at the airport