Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Healthcare Converge June 5 at M2D2 Workshop

Originally the province of the financial services industry, blockchain technology is now finding its place in the life sciences and healthcare field as well. Likewise, artificial intelligence and wide-ranging health economics and outcomes research are gaining traction and demonstrating their potential for clinical and economic impact to providers, payors, and healthcare decision-makers—allowing for efficient market access and a competitive edge.

A half-day medical affairs workshop on Tuesday, June 5 will shed light on these and other topics from the frontiers of medical technology. Hosted by UMass M2D2 in Lowell, the session is open to all health care professionals, entrepreneurs, startups, investors and industry experts. Light breakfast and lunch will be served.

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Meet our featured speakers

Edward Bukstel
CEO, Clinical Blockchain
Edward describes Clinical Blockchain as a “not so stealthy” blockchain startup that’s focused on clinical information and patient/physician messaging. His published articles explore a range of blockchain-related topics, including the interoperability of disparate blockchain systems in the healthcare ecosystem, and the vital balance between security and patients’ needs for records access.

Kris Srinivasan, MD
CEO, Life Sciences, Alpha MD
As CEO of Alpha MD, a life sciences research and consulting firm, Kris is responsible for implementing the company’s product strategy and identifying and evaluating opportunities for product enhancement. He also provides risk mitigation and management strategies to clients seeking FDA or EU approval.

Peter Johnson, MD
Principal, MedSurgPI, LLC
Peter is a co-founder of MedSurgPI, a firm that provides commercial Chief Medical Officer services for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and related technology companies and institutions, with the aim of furthering the penetration of their technologies into clinical practice. He is also an adjunct professor of Biomedical Engineering at Duke University, and board member/advisor to several life sciences companies and organizations.

Gerald Klein, MD
Principal, MedSurgPI, LLC
Gerald L. Klein, MD  is a board certified Allergist and Immunologist, and a board certified Pediatrician. He is an expert in Medical Affairs and Clinical Development and has published numerous scientific papers. He was a professor of Medicine and Pediatrics (Division of Basic and Applied Immunology) at University California, Irvine. Dr. Klein was a founder and CEO of Entera Health Inc., a biotherapeutics company. There, he created and managed both the clinical development and medical affairs programs. He was the Chief Medical Officer of Talecris/Grifols and he was also its VP of Medical and Clinical Affairs. During his tenure at Talecris, Dr. Klein was instrumental in creating a comprehensive safety and pharmacovigilance plan and helping the company gain a new neurological indication.

Richard Nordstrom
CEO, Liberate Ideas, Inc.
Richard has 30 years of life science communications experience and is recognized as an industry thought leader in health communications and patient engagement. He has led the development of countless programs around the world designed to engage patients and overcome the communication issues associated with low health literacy. He is the CEO of Liberate Ideas, Inc. Prior to his entrepreneurial endeavors in rare disease education and literacy; Richard led McCann Healthcare Worldwide as its global Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. McCann was the world’s largest medical communications and advertising network.