India – The Classroom

I don’t think that I am alone in saying that the things I was most excited about learning, the things that I first told my parents about, were outside of the classroom. However, the topics we learned about in the classroom and within my group are definitely worth mentioning as well.

I had previously taken an Entrepreneurship at my university before joining this global immersion program so that helped me a lot. I needed this previous knowledge because I was the only American in my group and, also, the only business major. I am not the type of person to come out of the gate and immediately take the bull by the horns, especially in a group of people I don’t know, so the beginning was rough and it wasn’t until I spoke up with my ideas that we really started to get on track in the right direction. This work I did with my team was definitely where I learned the most. It would have been difficult if I hadn’t gone through other business classes before this, but with the knowledge that I already had, I was able to actually apply it in a real life situation in order to successfully complete this group project and be able to have something worthy to present to the CEO of the company.

I was really proud of the work that we produced and I was definitely proud of my team and the fact that the CEO had mentioned that he really wanted to take our advice into consideration.

It was great to have the classroom experience each day and get refreshed on the basics of what we were supposed to specifically focus on for this particular project. The classroom itself, however was a bit difficult to focus in because it was difficult to hear the speakers and there was a lot of extra talking going on. Overall, I think that this was a great opportunity to work with a team to come up with a real-life solution for a real-life company and this is an experience I can use in the business world going forward.