Im not good at titles but its about food

now that I am home I get to the net I can post some of the blog posts i had typed up beforehand.

For this blog post I would like to focus on food as a brod topic. Now Indian food is far different then food in the USA. This is not to say that there are infect recognizable ingredients within each dish nor that they are not prepared in similar ways however the different spices and colors may make it harder to identify things. When we were warned of the spice that was used the first thought is that everything is hot. This is city not true. What they mean is there are far more flavors in the food then Americans are used to. Yes there are many dishes witch are hot in taste, mostly curry, but it is more an overwhelming amount of flavor that should be warned of.
Food in itself also is basically divided into veg and non-veg denoted by a green or red cercal in a square respectively. Due to religious resigns, pork, beef, and some other meats are not consumed so the majority of the food that can be found if meat will be mutton (lamb) or chicken. I am still very confused by KFC in India as they serve burgers made of fried cheese. It was good. If it didn’t make me violently ill I would recommend it.
The other thing about food that should be observed is that no matter clean or “dirty” as some people put it, it can still make you sick. Dirty usually refers to street vendor food or things that are not packaged. Clean is restaurants and bagged food with health regulations. This doesn’t mean that everything will make you sick, however being from across the globe there are many bacteria and things in the foods we never built an immunity to. Most of the locals will not be effected be these partly in due to having had the food all their lives and have antibodies to prevent such sicknesses.
One of my group mates got Indian jaundice from street food. We know Indian jaundice as hepatitis A or B. that scared me a bit so I tried to stay away from the street food if possible. O and as tempting as it may seem, cane surge juice has a very high chance of getting you very ill.
In short however it may be wise to wotch what you eat and where, however if the opportunity arises you should try stuff. Jest make shear to bring along the appropriate measheres to combat being ill if it arises.