a look back at the class

In looking back at the class, I must say that it was very interesting. I did like the fluidness of the class, however sometimes it could get a bit hard to hear. I think that a different room would make a lot of difference for that.
I also very much liked the snakes. They were cute, or at least I thought so. The design on the cobras back was fascinating. The hole face your fears thing is also partly why later on I almost fell into a well ((I am terrified of heights). The brakes also helped a lot with the heat. At about 1 or 2 pm I belie we were walking on the sun. I burn very easily however so this might be a bit bias in that regard.
I am also a fan of the chi brakes. I had a cold during the class, which seemed to affect everyone, and the tea helped my through immensely.
The fact that there was no textbook also helped, thought the shaky internet made it difficult at times to complete assignments (hence why these blogs are post class)
What I think I enjoyed the most was meeting and getting to know our team. I am proud to call them my friends.
Out of everyone I can think of, I am the last person to think they would be traveling here. It is a place of beauty and color like I have never seen. The historical visits where possibly my favorite but I wish I could have shared that experience with my team.
I hope to see them soon, so that I may show them my country, however cold it may be.

And pancakes.