Final Post

I seem to have fallen behind on my intended blogging ideals of one every 2-3 days and instead find myself now recapping an entire 1.5 weeks in one post. In terms of the social and personal aspects of this class, I can honestly say that I have found the interactions with the team to be extremely rewarding. Coming into this project I was very concerned that the students would be bored with the project due to its advanced stage as well as the rather tedious nature of the device design process. Instead I was blown away by the interest the students had in our project, as well as the detail and level of observation they put in even when the team was not directly working on the project. Each of them fit in quickly and easily and brought a special something to the project and made it an experience I hope to have again.

On the side of the class, I enjoyed the overarching topics, and I felt that a lot of the material was rewarding. I particularly enjoyed exercises which allowed for us to test our business plans and canvasses as needed. The guest speakers were topical, and largely interesting, but my favorite would have to be the owner of 7 beans. His story was substantially more human than the other presenters, and you can tell that he had to work for what he had. I particularly enjoyed how he quite candidly was willing to share failures and low moments. I often feel that when presenters present, these things are overlooked but are fundamentally the most important part of being an entrepreneur.

I cannot express how much I enjoyed the opportunity to work with and meet the students from India and bring them in onto the Nonspec team. We spoke about continuing the relationship we have now through continued testing in India, and we are looking forward to moving our project along with their help, ingenuity, and feedback. I would not hesitate to take this class again (if it was even remotely feasible) for that aspect alone!